Do you commute daily around the Washington D.C. area? With fuel economy on your mind, you've made a great choice shopping here at our Mazda dealership near Arlington, VA. All of our new Mazda models, from the tiny Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible to the three-row SUV Mazda CX-9, are relatively thrifty for their respective classes. For the best commuting around D.C. and Arlington, a new Mazda3, our flagship small hatchback or sedan, or the midsized Mazda6 sedan, will be your best bets. Discover the efficient engine options for those cars and visit us today to get going on a quick test drive.

Having the right kind of car is your first step toward earning peak efficiency levels, and Mazda offers several options for how to achieve that. With intelligent design and smartly built engines, even small crossovers like the Mazda CX-30 and Mazda CX-5 earn strong efficiency levels, adding layers of versatility to a ride you'll use on your daily commutes. Along with efficient four-cylinder setups, you'll have added space inside and extra utility for driving in all types of situations around Washington D.C., Arlington, and beyond.

Even with the most efficient Mazda car or crossover handling your commutes, busy, slow-moving Beltway traffic can hamper your fuel economy levels. You'll want to focus on slowing down and accelerating at a deliberate pace rather than quickly speeding up and braking all the sudden. The proper tires and having them rotated at regular intervals can also help you maintain strong efficiency levels. But ultimately, starting off with a highly efficient Mazda is the way to go, so find a new model or pre-owned options with a thrifty engine setup today.

See how you can commute with better efficiency by visiting Brown's Alexandria Mazda today and we'll get you going on a quick test drive.

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