When searching for any kind of vehicle around Springfield and Annandale, VA, you've undoubtedly run into turbocharged engines. What are turbo engines? They're the culmination relatively new automotive technology making cars a bit more powerful while improving fuel economy, and with the new Mazda models you'll find at our dealership, you'll discover plenty of turbocharged options. Mazda tends to excel at delivering turbo setups for all kinds of sedans, hatchbacks and crossovers, playing right into the brand's dedication to making practical cars that are also tons of fun to drive. Visit or contact us today to learn more about your turbo options.

Some models, like the new Mazda CX-9, our flagship three-row SUV, are equipped standard with a turbocharged engine. Mazda tends to favor four-cylinder engines over V-6 setups, but with the turbocharged versions these SUVs and smaller cars will get a significant boost in power, all while keeping fuel economy figures solid as ever. You'll really feel the turbocharger working in your next new Mazda, making acceleration smooth and easy without forcing the engine to struggle getting up to top speeds.

As with every feature and quality in your next new or used Mazda, the turbocharger you find in your ride is designed with a sense of balance and harmony, working well with the other driving dynamics under the hood and engineered throughout the vehicle. We encourage you to test drive both turbo and standard setups of the new Mazda you're interested in to really feel the difference and we'll be happy to get you going when you visit us near Springfield and Annandale.

Curious how Mazda designs turbocharged vehicles? Visit us at Brown's Alexandria Mazda today and we'll be happy to help you get going on a quick test drive in the model that interests you.

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