Pretty much every auto dealership around northern Virginia will handle trade-ins and will buy vehicles to put in their used car lineups. But few offer the kind of amazing process quite like our Alexandria, VA Mazda dealership. Thanks to the Brown's Buys Cars program, you'll get more than fair value back for your older car, and you don't even need to turn that cash on hand into your next purchase, though that will provide you considerable savings when upgrading to a new Mazda or used car.

Our appraisal process is free and without compelling you to buy from us, you know we'll be offering a great deal on your older car. Of course this generous level of buying older cars is a great reason for you to keep your current Mazda or other vehicle in its best shape. When you get your appraisal, we'll arrange for a quick payment to you and you can then be on your way.

Of course, it's with the fair value you get for your trade-in that you'll do well when buying or leasing a new Mazda or one of our quality used cars. By factoring the cost that you'll receive for your trade-in with the price of your new Mazda or used car, you'll have a couple significant advantages. One, you'll be financing your next vehicle at a lower total cost if you weren't using a trade-in, which means you'll pay less in interest over the long haul. Secondly, you won't pay sales taxes on the complete price of your next Mazda or used vehicle, so the more you can make back from a trade-in, the more you'll save, which you can use for a down payment or for your first few monthly car loan or lease payments.

With Brown's Alexandria Mazda, trading in your vehicle is a great way to go, so visit us today or be in touch and we'll be happy to help you out.

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