When the calendar changes over from Halloween to November, it's all eyes on Thanksgiving. Here at our Alexandria, VA Mazda dealer serving Arlington, Woodbridge and Washington D.C., this is an especially important time of the year for the community events and efforts we support. While we make our presence felt around the communities near Springfield and Annandale all year long – including a great Susan G. Komen Foundation event a few months ago – it's around the holidays that you'll really notice the Brown's Alexandria Mazda name popping up.



The holiday season is an especially important time of the year for our local communities here in Alexandria and all over the D.C. area. With those less fortunate than us needing food and shelter as temperatures drop, we're proud to support important causes that ease the burden a little bit for people in need. See what we're getting up to as Thanksgiving approaches and find out if there's an event that's dear to your heart or if we're sponsoring something you can contribute to.

Of course the focus here at our Alexandria, VA Mazda dealership is our lineups of new and used cars. Even for current car owners, our Mazda-certified service and parts departments provide reliable and trustworthy maintenance and repair work. But beyond those typical services, our Mazda dealership is all about being a proud member of our local communities. And that means pitching in and helping out when we're able.

Join us at Brown's Alexandria Mazda during the busy holiday season to see how we can all pitch in and help out those in need around our local communities.

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