The end of yet another decade of Mazda's premium innovations is coming to an end. And while we look back on these past 10 years of dynamic and fun driving with fond memories, it's the start of something even more exciting with the arrival of new 2020 Mazda models here at our Alexandria, VA dealership. With 2020 editions of popular new Mazda cars already here, you can try out the latest tech and driving dynamics this ever-evolving brand is rolling out for the next decade.



The first 2020 edition to arrive is one of our smallest cars, and one that offers dynamic and efficient commuting around the Alexandria area of northern Virginia. If you commute solo on a daily basis, check out what the new 2020 Mazda3 offers. With more safety features coming standard, and a nice blend of pep and fuel economy, this small sedan or hatchback – the latter version is coming out later in its lifecycle – is the perfect everyday commuter for this area of northern Virginia.

Also having just arrived is the new 2020 Mazda6, the latest version of our flagship midsized sedan. This update only gets some modest changes and upgrades, but there was little room for improvement in the first place. As a smartly spacious sedan with ample power, relatively strong fuel efficiency and lots of safety and connectivity features, the new 2020 Mazda6 is a great choice for taking you into the next decade and beyond here in the Alexandria area.

Swing on over to Brown's Alexandria Mazda today and see if one of our newly arrived 2020 models will work for your travels.

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