Planning to enjoy some summertime driving without the need to bring many passengers and lots of cargo? Whether you're cruising along the Potomac here in Alexandria, or heading to the coast, you'll love feeling the breeze in your hair when driving your new 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata around. This updated version of the legendary convertible is slightly more powerful with more tech, but it's still the traditional roadster you'll love for your summertime driving.



Of course you'll fall in love with your Mazda MX-5 Miata and want to drive it all year round. You can keep the top up when it's chillier outside, but this convertible really shines in the summer. Mazda upgraded the peppy four-cylinder engine for this model year, giving your MX-5 Miata a little extra horsepower to add to your enjoyable driving. With a new rearview camera and other tech updates, getting around is easier than ever in this snappy convertible.

Consider all the other features and options you might want in your MX-5 Miata, and visit our Alexandria, VA Mazda dealership to find the right setup. Before making your way over, apply for financing right here online so you'll be ready to buy or lease your new MX-5 Miata, and you'll see if you qualify for some of our best specials that we regularly offer. From there, you'll be all set up to enjoy this warm and sunny summer, and you'll appreciate having a long-lasting MX-5 Miata for all your future summertime travels.

Find your new MX-5 Miata by making your way over to Brown's Alexandria Mazda today and we'll be more than happy to take you for a quick test drive.

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