The three SUVs in the new Mazda lineup that are currently available here in Alexandria, VA are all excellent in their own right. The small CX-3 is a highly efficient crossover, the CX-5 is perfect for a midsized SUV, and the CX-9 is unmatched when it comes to three-row family vehicles. But now Mazda is adding a new option, fitting in nicely between the CX-3 and CX-5. While its name might be confusing, everything about the upcoming 2020 Mazda CX-30 makes sense as the perfect blend between a compact and midsized crossover.



As you can see from one of the only shots available of the CX-30, it's a gorgeous looking SUV. Your needs for safety, capabilities and interior space in a crossover are obvious, but don't overlook styling for a vehicle you'll want to be happy with each and every day you're driving around Alexandria and throughout northern Virginia.

Of course, being a Mazda crossover, the CX-30 will still be completely functional and fun to drive. It rides lower than most SUVs, delivering a unique sense of handling. Details are slow to come out, but we're expecting the CX-30 to feature a perfectly capable four-cylinder, pumping out at around 180 horsepower. Being a Mazda, the CX-30 will certainly include plenty of helpful infotainment features and several driver aids, but we'll be sure to fill out the details as they become available.

Find out more about this newcomer to the lineup here at Brown's Alexandria Mazda by visiting today.

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