To get around the Alexandria area or anywhere else in northern Virginia, you'll need a reliable car unless you want to let the often-unreliable public transportation near here dictate your comings and goings. But we understand not everybody can just pop over to buy or lease a brand-new Mazda. That's where our extensive used car lineup comes into play. Including many pre-owned Mazda models, we have all sorts of cars, trucks and SUVs in this used lineup. If you're lucky, you might even unearth an old Mazda classic like this one.



OK, so maybe a stunning RX-7 coupe isn't the most likely option here, or even one that's sensible for your travels around northern Virginia. What is more sensible is one of our like-new, generally low-mileage used cars that will save you a bundle and provide extra confidence thanks to the Buy Happy benefits we include with each pre-owned vehicle purchase. With extended warranty protection and some perks for our service offerings, every used car bought at Brown's Alexandria Mazda adds more to the mix.

So what kind of used car works best for you? If you're shopping on a budget but still planning for the long-haul, choose a certified pre-owned Mazda that has to be only a few years old at most, and won't feature much mileage at all. For other, older used vehicles, see what we feature from well-known brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and many others.

Find the perfect used vehicle for your travels by visiting us at Brown's Alexandria Mazda today.

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