Keeping up on your car's maintenance and repair needs is paramount any time of the year, but as the winter settles in around Washington D.C. and northern Virginia, you'll really want to find a day to bring your Mazda into the service center at our Alexandria, VA dealership. By checking all the important cold-weather systems in your Mazda – heating and cooling systems, anti-freeze and coolant, and even simple parts like windshield wipers – our service experts can make sure your travels area safe as can be this winter.



Though we understand the holiday season is busy for everyone, the recent Winter Solstice ought to serve as a reminder of getting your wintertime service covered before temps really begin to drop here in Alexandria. If you have a set of winter tires you need installed, we're ready to take care of that, all while we can double check everything else in your Mazda car or crossover that's needed to maintain safe and sensible driving around northern Virginia, D.C. and beyond.

As you schedule service, think about what kinds of wintertime maintenance you can group into one visit. From tires changing out, to getting your oil changed, we'll go even further to make sure your car's important systems are all in working order. No matter the kind of visit you're scheduling here in Alexandria, we have the kinds of savings through our service specials we offer that you'll certainly appreciate. See what service specials work for your next visit, and save now while we do the work to help you maintain your Mazda's long-term value.

Swing on over to Brown's Alexandria Mazda today and find some time for a service visit as the winter settles in.

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